Flash Card Template for Mac

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Flash Cards 3×5″

Flashcard(iWork ’09)

It’s just a simple template that places the question/answer in the center of the card and utilizes header and footer fields for subject and page/set number which can be turned off in the inspector.

Hope this helps someone.


5 Responses to “Flash Card Template for Mac”

  1. Thanks for doing this! It really saved my day when my daughter was freaking out about a school assignment involving flashcards.

  2. I have been searching all over for a template that will work on my mac, I found this site but the link seems to no longer be working, can anyone direct me to an appropriate place?

  3. Is there a way to print all the flashcards on one page, to minimize paper waste? (and wasting my printing credits… :S)

    • Sorry, this is a super old template I designed to print on index cards with my personal printer xx; do you mean you want to do something like 4-6 cards per sheet (front and back) then cut them apart later?

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